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Connecting people who have dirt with people who need dirt.

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    How DirtMatch Works

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    If you have excess dirt or fill, we'll match you with others in your area who need it. If you need dirt, we’ll match you with others who have dirt nearby. It’s that simple.

    Connect with Matches

    Once your DirtMatch post has matches, message your match directly on DirtMatch to finalize the details of your transaction: location, day/time, hauling etc.

    Save Time & Money

    You'll save thousands of dollars in disposal fees and trucking costs and countless hours by using DirtMatch to easily move your fill.


    For homeowners, and people with occasional dirt needs


    • 2 posts at a time
    • Daily match summary
    • Posts last 6 months
    • Standard match position
    • Unlimited matches
    • Unlimited messaging


    For excavators, landscapers, contractors, pool builders etc.

    Starting at $30/month

    • Unlimited posts
    • Hourly match notifications
    • Posts last forever
    • Premium match position
    • Unlimited matches
    • Unlimited messaging

    Are you a dirt hauler?

    If you're in the dirt hauling business, DirtMatch can connect you with new customers.

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